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With more than twenty years of experience teaching, I am passionate about education and learning; I love working with children of all ages; and I am well equipped to work with your child or children.  A former college professor, I have conducted research in relevant areas and helped prepare hundreds of undergraduates become teachers and graduate students become better teachers. Even as a professor, I continued to work with children in and out of schools and have experience teaching/tutoring at the pre-K through college and adult levels.  I have worked with NYS to both write and evaluate standardized exams and have served on the Board of Trustees of a private school.

Welcome to learn2love2learn, a boutique tutoring service that specializes in educating young scholars.  From improving their general academic abilities to enriching their academic opportunities to getting them ready for one of the many high-stakes tests required of children, learn2love2learn will meet your child’s needs.