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      Not only did we immediately see a change in Aaron’s overall attitude and demeanor at home but his teachers asked us what was different because they saw the change, too.  Aaron’s confidence has grown tenfold.  We don’t know what you’re doing but please keep doing it. 

                                                    —Aaron’s parents

With more than twenty years of experience teaching, I am passionate about education and learning; I love working with children of all ages; and I am well equipped to work with your child or children.  A former college professor, I have conducted research in relevant areas and helped prepare hundreds of undergraduates become teachers and graduate students become better teachers. Even as a professor, I continued to work with children in and out of schools and have experience teaching/tutoring at the pre-K through college and adult levels.  I have worked with NYS to both write and evaluate standardized exams and have served on the Board of Trustees of a private school.



Welcome to learn2love2learn, a boutique tutoring service that specializes in educating young scholars.  From improving their general academic abilities to enriching their academic opportunities to getting them ready for one of the many high-stakes tests required of children, learn2love2learn will meet your child’s needs.

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     When we think of the time and money we spent on other tutors and all that we put Abigail through, we just want to scream.  We are so grateful that we finally found you!   It took you just one intensive summer to help Abigail move up 2 years of reading and get on grade level.  It's now six months later, and she loves reading and is doing better in all her classes. 

                —Abigail’s parents

      You know we hate these tests and that we resented having to “prep” our daughter.  But you not only prepared her for the test but you taught her valuable skills she is now applying in school.  Thanks for helping her and us to work within a system we disrespect!
                                                                —Denise (parent)

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