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Tutoring, Test Preparation, College Counseling

Welcome to learn2love2learn.  A former college professor, I am an Educational Consultant and provide children with academic preparation tutoring and support.  I earned my MA in Teaching English as a second language and my PhD in Curriculum & Instruction (both with literacy specializations).  I have conducted research in relevant areas and helped prepare hundreds of undergraduate and graduate students become teachers.  As a professor, I continued to work with children in and out of schools and have experience teaching/tutoring at the pre-K through college and adult levels.  I specialize in language and literacy (including ESL/bilingualism), curriculum design and instruction, critical thinking, testing and assessment.  I have worked with NYS to both write and evaluate standardized exams and currently sit on the Board of Trustees of a private school.  With more than twenty years experience teaching, I remain passionate about education and learning; love working with children of all ages; and am well equipped to work with your child or children.

If you are interested in having someone work with you during the college application experience, having worked in both colleges and universities, I know how to help students select schools and obtain the coveted acceptance letters.   My students have received unprecedented acceptances and have received numerous scholarships and fellowships.  Even more importantly, I know what skills students need to succeed in college, and I can help prepare students, not only for their short-term goals (admissions) but for their longer term goals (success).  

Phone: (917) 456-6056

Email: succeed@learn2love2learn.com

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